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How to stay refreshed during a long flight

Have you ever wondered how do flight attendants looking so refreshed after a long and exhausting flight? Or even feel refreshed after a long journey sitting still and waiting for the time to pass. Let me give you some tips how to fake looking fresh like you would be ready to jump onto a meeting after that! Everyone knows how tiring airplane travel can … Read More How to stay refreshed during a long flight

7 tips for getting over jet lag

You have probably suffered from jet lag at some point, right? Some of us have maybe more than others. Jet lag is a state where your body’s own circadian rhythm basically doesn’t meet the new time difference. Especially when you are travelling through multiple time zones. Yet some people might not even experience or notice the symptoms. Do you feel like you’re not one … Read More 7 tips for getting over jet lag

Above the Clouds

     How would I describe my usual work day? Well, for the starters, I don’t really have an usual day I would say. Every day is completely different with colleagues changing too. I am working as a full time flight attendant and I fly both European short-haul flights as well as long-haul flights around the world.      But basically though, we start … Read More Above the Clouds

Let’s start the Journey with me!

I think we all have our own dreams and the purpose of why we are here for. It’s important to follow your own thing – not anyone else’s. Starting a blog has been my goal or – or a desire essentially for the past three years now. I haven’t really put myself out there until now. Maybe it was the New Year changing and … Read More Let’s start the Journey with me!