Are you a fan of big cities? Even if your answer is no, there’s a city that would be most likely to change that opinion. It’s a city with diversity and bright lights – a city with fast life in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s an experience itself and there’s something for everyone – that is one of the best parts of Singapore.

I think I don’t know anyone who would have not liked Singapore; so it’s safe to say that you would love it too! The city is full of life, truly. With the population of over 5,8 million the country is very safe, very clean and everything is just running smoothly. The city reveals itself when the night falls and brings out all the beautiful bright lights. It’s a great melting pot, kind of like New York with a little less traffic and people. It’s a great destination for families and for couples but also for solo travellers.

And the food, I can’t even describe how amazing it tastes! You can find a variety of street foods and also fancier places. The cuisine is a fusion mostly from Asian dishes. One of the must try food (and also one of the most famous one) is the Hainanese Chicken rice. I recommend crabbing a bite by the street vendors – they’ll make you crave for more for sure!

Great views from Marina Bay Sands

Tips for the holiday: The centre of Singapore
Singapore itself is quite a small and compact place which makes it… oh just so fantastic! Everything is easy and the traffic and public transportations work well and smoothly. They also have Uber which I am a huge fan of everywhere I go to and it is a great option too in Singapore. But I do recommend using the public transportation just because it is cheaper, runs on time and works perfectly everywhere.
One of the main things is to definitely go the picturistique scenery of Marina Bay and Singapore CBD (Central Business District) which is located in the Central Area in Singapore. Marina Bay offers one of the most incredible city views in the world. And I’m not exaggerating at all; you have to see it yourself!

Marina Bay

Sentosa Island
This is a fun place to go to – especially for kids and families! It is the home of Singapore Universal Studios and SEA Aquarium among other great places. This man-made island also provides many great restaurant, resorts and amazing beaches for relaxing and just enjoying the day if you want to escape the hassle of the city. It’s also worth the visit even if you are alone or with someone else. The way to get here is from Vivo City, just buy a ticket from the counter before hopping to a cable car. The ride takes about 12 minutes and you can enjoy the view meanwhile.

A beach in Sentosa Island

Are you in need of some retail therapy? One of my favourite things amongst everything was shopping! There are just so many great shops to find everything you need from clothes to cosmetics and electronics as well. One of these worth going for are VivoCity shopping mall and Bugis Junction. There are also many outdoor markets to go to like Bugis Junction which is partly open-air shopping street. The best part is that you can find malls with expensive brands to less costly shops both with fashionable findings.

Do you recommend anything else? I would love to hear your experiences too!

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  1. I have always wanted to go to Singapore, I’ve heard it’s incredible there. Your pictures make me wanderlust for it even more.

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