Wouldn’t you just love going to a new place or country and instantly have that feeling that this holiday is going to be amazing? That’s what happened to me when going to Sardinia. If you are a food enthusiastic or a beach lover this is your go-to island. Also it is the place to be if you just love being surrounded by the pristine nature. You’ll get the best relaxed holiday by the crystal clear sea enjoying the slow lifestyle. Or if you want a bit more adventure, you can rent a car and see all the places the island has to offer.
If you like Italy you are going love Sardinia!

We’ve been huge fans of Italy with my boyfriend and last year we decided to have a trip to Sardinia. I’ve wanted to go there for years and it did not disappoint me at all. I think it’s a quite version of some of the coastal cities in Italy yet a little bit forgotten one. You don’t meet that many tourists there – especially if you go on the slow season like we did in September. There are mainly Italians coming to spend their weekends on this island paradise. The weather is still perfectly warm and you’ll get a glimpse of that relaxed and happy lifestyle. Don’t forget to taste the different foods Sardinia has to offer, for example the fish dishes and pastas! The food is slightly different than in the mainland Italy.

Do try the amazing pizza slices!

Top tips:
1) Flights:
Catch a flight from Rome almost every hour. It’s fast and relatively cheap. Olbia and Cagliari airports are the main ones that have most flights to.

3) Where to stay:
We stayed in Siniscola which is an area in Costa Smeralda; the Emerald Coast. It’s about 40 minutes drive away from the airport and it was just lovely. I think anywhere you stay in Costa Smeralda is going to be beautiful. I only would recommend going a bit further away from Olbia just because you get prettier scenery than just the town. Also it depends on where you want to fly to. If you fly to the capital which is Cagliari you might want to choose a place that is closer. For example, we only got to see the north half of the island but didn’t have time to go as far south as Cagliari. Unless of course if your holiday is more than one week you’ll have plenty of time to do quite a lot of sightseeing.

2) Food:
Fish is a must! You’ll find variety of dishes that tastes absolutely amazing and fresh.
Pastas – try especially the gnocchetti sardi. It is typical Sardinian pasta made with tomato and sausages.
Restaurant Agriturismo Cabu Abbas – enjoy 11 course meal on top of a hill with a gorgeous view. Come very hungry, this dinner will keep you full until the next day!

3) Getting around:
I would recommend renting a car unless you just want to enjoy your holiday by the beach. Many hotels have a parking place for the car which makes it easy. I think a car is amust if you wish to see the island a little more.
The island has very nice roads and basically just has a couple of main roads. Be aware though that some the smaller roads aren’t in the best condition. It’s very easy to drive around. We used our phone’s GPS and it worked perfectly! Only thing that we didn’t first realize was that it takes longer than the estimated time provided by the GPS especially if you want to stop along the way and enjoy the views.

4) Beaches:
This is probably the main thing for me. I’m just a huge lover of beaches so for that Sardinia is the best option. You’ll have plenty of to choose from and anywhere you go, is guaranteed to be gorgeous! Costa Smeralda has one of the most pristine beaches.

Spiaggia La Caletta – a beautiful beach worth visiting

Do you have any other pro tips? Leave a comment! 🙂

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