How would I describe my usual work day? Well, for the starters, I don’t really have an usual day I would say. Every day is completely different with colleagues changing too. I am working as a full time flight attendant and I fly both European short-haul flights as well as long-haul flights around the world.

Beautiful sunset at Helsinki airport

     But basically though, we start our days the same way; meeting with the crew, having a briefing and making our way to the plane ready to start our day and to welcome the passengers. It’s exciting to work with new people every day, though at first I found it a bit intimidating to be honest. But it’s something that I got used to pretty quickly.

Above the Clouds ☁️

     I have to say I enjoy flying more on the long-haul flights because they are easier for me to manage my sleep. Also of course, you get the chance to visit the place we are flying to and explore a little bit. We usually have one day layover at the destination but sometimes it can be more too, depending on the flight schedules.
Our months also include standby when we have to stay by the phone and wait for a call if they need us on some flights. So this is a job that requires a lot of patience, teamwork skills and flexibility! Or if you don’t have them before this job, you’ll be sure to adapt them over time!

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