I think we all have our own dreams and the purpose of why we are here for. It’s important to follow your own thing – not anyone else’s.

Starting a blog has been my goal or – or a desire essentially for the past three years now. I haven’t really put myself out there until now. Maybe it was the New Year changing and bringing new things to my life. Or maybe it was just me getting myself finally together and stop all the excuses what was stopping me. So I’m pretty thrilled finally to get started with everything!!

I’ve had a passion for exploring the world since I was a child. You know the time when you start to think of the world a little bit more and also finding yourself in it. So that’s when I decided I want to see the world.

Gorgeous view of Bangkok

I’ve been travelling with my parents since I was a child. When I turned 19 I made a decision to go and see the world on my own and having the experience of solo travel. I think that has been one of the greatest adventures of my life and has given and taught me so much more.

After that I’ve travelled with some of my friends and since I met my boyfriend we’ve started to explore places together. That has been a new and a different adventure for both of us.

This is me, three years ago from now. Excited to start the adventure of a lifetime. 💕

And here I am now. In my dream job, living my life to the fullest. It is something that anyone should do also. So I hope you enjoy the journey I am going to take you and have some inpiration!

The essentials of a flight attendant – and yes, I do need at least two passports!

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