Tropea – La pearla of the Tyrrhenian coast

What is the first word or thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Tropea? For me, to be honest it was something different and exotic and something that I hadn’t really heard of before. So why not explore something like that! This article will tell you some facts and the places to go and how to get there so go on, have a minute or two and keep on reading!

Grotticelle Beach

Tropea is a coastal town in Italy, in the municipality of Vibo Valentia andthe region of Calabria, Italy. It’s about 600 km from Rome. It use to be a fishing village; now turned into a lovely town full of history. It is referred as the pearl of the Tyrrhenian coast and truly is a hidden gem! Tropea is best known for historical sites, beaches and swimming spots not forgetting about red onions! They are specific to Tropea and you can also find a lot of decorations and souvenirs picturing the onions.

The town itself is not that big and you can see all the main places in couple of days. Although if you really want to dive into it and explore what the whole area has to offer, spending two weeks is not a bad idea at all! There are also plenty of great places to visit in the nearby areas what we noticed in the end of our holiday. It’s easy to move around with the train or by car – like we did for one day. I think that was the best way to move around. And I found it quite easy to drive there as well since the traffic is not hectic. Mind you that it’s not allowed to drive in the middle of old town Tropea – you might get a fine for that if entering with a car.

Santuario di Santa Maria dell’Isola

How to get there:
If you are coming from outside of Italy, you might have to travel a bit longer to reach Tropea. Basically you have two options; by train or by air. So what we did is that as we flew from Finland to Rome and then took the night train from Roma Termini to Tropea. We had to change the train once and the journey took about 6 hours and so. There is quite many trains leaving in a day and I would recommend booking the ticket in advance. We noticed the prices going higher as we left it for the last days. You can book the tickets from here:
The other option is to take a flight which is faster but little bit more expensive also. You can fly to Lamezia Terme and it is the closest airport to Tropea. From there you still have about an hour train ride to reach the town. Next time visiting this are, I would take the flight to save some time!

Old Town:
Oh what a charming place it is! The old historic centre really has its charm. I just love the atmosphere and oh how lovely sunsets there are! The best place to watch it is just right when you enter the historic centre where you can also see the Santuario di Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea which is a medieval church. It’s like time stops right there and you stay in that paused moment, perfect as it is. It is just so unbelievably romantic scenery, just like out of a poem.

Capo Vaticano:
Capo Vaticano is other coastal town nearby Tropea, also in the municipality of Vibo Valentia. You will have amazing scenery overlooking the surroundings and the Grotticelle beach. Since we had the car it was easy to reach there and it took us about 40 minutes to get there since we stopped at couple of other places too along the way.

Capo Vaticano

There are many cute and smaller beaches in and around Tropea. It is worth visiting also Zambrone beach which I heard is beautiful but didn’t get to go there unfortunately! In Tropea there are three beautiful, sandy beaches, offering a variety of activities and beach bars. One of them is Blanca Beach which is a beach bar located right in front of Spiaggia di Tropea.

Blanca Beach

One best thing about travelling to Italy is definitely the food! I just crave for Italian food and Tropea certainly did not disappoint at all! Mostly the restaurants are located in the old town and it has such a lovely surroundings to have dinner and lunch outside. So I will give two recommendations for restaurants that we discovered and found to have delicious food. If you are a pizza lover (like me!) there’s a restaurant you should try! It is called Pizzeria Vecchio Forno and it’s located in the historic centre. It has a variety of pizzas and you can really feel the old time charm while enjoying it in the narrow alleys. Note that it mostly serves pizza and a few selections of desserts. Also it is open in the evenings.

The other restaurant is That’s Amore. And the food…. absolutely delicious! It was the perfect way to end the holiday. They have a wider selection of dishes to choose from. The atmosphere is also just so lovely. You can have lunch or dinner since it is open from the morning. We walked in to both of the restaurants and there were five of us. Though it wasn’t yet the peak season, so reservations might be required for a bigger party.

Antipasti to die for!

I hope this post inspires you to have a great holiday and maybe to see a bit different side of it! Let me know in the comments below if you have any other travel tips. 🙂

How to stay refreshed during a long flight

Have you ever wondered how do flight attendants looking so refreshed after a long and exhausting flight? Or even feel refreshed after a long journey sitting still and waiting for the time to pass. Let me give you some tips how to fake looking fresh like you would be ready to jump onto a meeting after that! Everyone knows how tiring airplane travel can be, right? The environment itself is already exhausting and that affect on our body (I will come to that).

First let me explain you a little bit of the physiology of the flight to get a better understanding why is that you feel tired even after a short flight.

There is less oxygen in the air. This is one of the main reasons. Just imagine, your body and brains are operating on level that they cannot function in the same way they would on the ground. So that itself makes the body more exhausted quicker than usual. Just imagine walking in a mountain altitude, this is also what happens during a flight. Our bodies and brains are not accustomed to that kind of altitude on a daily basis.

Your body gets dehydrated. It is crucial to drink water during the flight. This is probably the most important thing you can do. It prevents you from getting headaches and feeling jetlagged. You should comsume at least 2dl of water every hour when on the air. Also your skin will thank you afterwards when doind so!

You have to sit still most of the time. And add to that, squeezed between two small seats with an other person on both sides! We all know the feeling, right? So what you can do, or try at least, is to move a little bit during the flight. The circulation of your body doesn’t fuction properly beacause of lack of motion. Try to do some small streching and stand up every now and then when you can. It helps your body and muscles during the flight not to feel that tired.

So here are tips based on the facts before.

Drink plenty of water.

Try to do a little bit of stretching with your feet and arms.

Use face masks and facial mists to keep your skin moisturized.

Consider consuming electrolytes and health powders with minerals.

If you use makeup like I do, go for the moisturizing ones.

These are my go-to cosmetics while travelling. The orange bottle is a mist spray for the face and I absolutely love it!

Do you have any other great tips, let me know on comments! 🙂

3 amazing destinations you should visit this year:


The home of cheese and clocks… You have probably heard of this before, right? But there’s more than that to it.

Switzerland is one of the nicests countries in Europe and they have surely made themselves famous amongst the whole world with their skills and expertise. There’s so many great places and lovely cities to visit – I am sure to see more of the different sides the country has to offer. If you’ve never been there this upcoming summer is your opportunity to have a peek! In addition, there is so many things about Switzerland to write about because of the vast variety of things and its diversity.

The town of Lucerne
Mt. Pilatus

Useful Tips and Fun facts:
1) Swiss people are always on time. And so are the trains and other public transports. So make sure you be there well before the scheduled time. Even if you are just casually grabbing a coffee with someone or having a proper business meeting for example, it’s polite and respectable to be on time.

2) Prepare to pay a bit extra. Even if you come from a country that has a high tax rate or are just use to paying more on travel and services, Switzerland is most likely to be even more than that. I am currently living in a country that I consider being moderately expensive compared to some other countries in Europe. Yet I found Switzerland more expensive than I am accustomed to. You can easily pay 25€ for a lunch not to mention having a nice dinner in a fancier place (note that they use Swiss Franc). I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it is just to give you a heads up for what to expect if you are travelling on a budget.

We had a lovely balcony at our hotel in Lucerne

3) Public transport works very well. We never had any problems using the public transports. If you are taking the train you can purchase the ticket online from this website before the journey .
You can also check the fares and timetables there. Or you can also just buy the ticket at the station on the day. Easy and convenient! Swiss Federal Railways (=SBB, also known as CFF and FSS) runs most mainline trains. There are also smaller companies that provide train tickets. Also one important thing worth noting for is that the website will give you a price that is only half of the real price because it automatically adds there a Swiss Half Fare card by default, as the majority of Swiss citizens have one. So when you change select discount to no discount the price will double.

4) People are extremely polite and lovely. And smart! Most of them speak many languages – German, French, Italian and Romansh, depending on what part of Switzerland you are visiting. Also you can manage with English everywhere. You will get good customer service in restaurants and shops. They seem to be very genuine and joyful towards tourists and people in general. This is one thing I really loved about!

The Lion monument – a famous tourist attraction

5) Places worth going to. It depends on what you are looking for on your holiday whether it is a skiing trip to the Alps or just a casual weekend getaway. I travelled there with a friend of mine and we wanted to have a little bit calmer environment rather than spending the whole holiday in a city. So we flew to Zurich and from there took a train to a city called Lucerne. And oh how lovely it was! It is quite a small town but has many great places worth seeing. You can also do a day trip there from Zurich or from Bern if you wish. It takes about 1 hour for the train journey. Also from Bern to Lucerne it takes approximately from 1 hour to 1,5 hours. Bern is also a lovely city to visit and it is the capital of Switzerland.

The wonderful city of Bern

The scenery is just incredible!

6) The food is just delicious. I am a foodie and everywhere I go, I’ll try to have the ultimate food experience. Swiss cuisine is influenced by French, Italian and German cuisines but also has dishes typical to Switzerland. These includes Swiss cheese, raclette and cheese fondue served with bread cubes. You can also find specialities from different regions for example different regions have their own cheese varieties. In Bern there is dish called Berner Platte which contains a variety of meats. I can assure you that you will find the ultimate food experience in Switzerland! The best restaurants are usually located a bit further from the main streets and tourist areas. There are also great Italian restaurants with a twist, for example a place in Lucerne called Punto Giusto. They offer a set menu and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!  

Chocolate delight

Did this get you excited? I’d love to hear some comments below!

3 amazing holiday destinations you should visit this year:


Are you a fan of big cities? Even if your answer is no, there’s a city that would be most likely to change that opinion. It’s a city with diversity and bright lights – a city with fast life in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s an experience itself and there’s something for everyone – that is one of the best parts of Singapore.

I think I don’t know anyone who would have not liked Singapore; so it’s safe to say that you would love it too! The city is full of life, truly. With the population of over 5,8 million the country is very safe, very clean and everything is just running smoothly. The city reveals itself when the night falls and brings out all the beautiful bright lights. It’s a great melting pot, kind of like New York with a little less traffic and people. It’s a great destination for families and for couples but also for solo travellers.

And the food, I can’t even describe how amazing it tastes! You can find a variety of street foods and also fancier places. The cuisine is a fusion mostly from Asian dishes. One of the must try food (and also one of the most famous one) is the Hainanese Chicken rice. I recommend crabbing a bite by the street vendors – they’ll make you crave for more for sure!

Great views from Marina Bay Sands

Tips for the holiday: The centre of Singapore
Singapore itself is quite a small and compact place which makes it… oh just so fantastic! Everything is easy and the traffic and public transportations work well and smoothly. They also have Uber which I am a huge fan of everywhere I go to and it is a great option too in Singapore. But I do recommend using the public transportation just because it is cheaper, runs on time and works perfectly everywhere.
One of the main things is to definitely go the picturistique scenery of Marina Bay and Singapore CBD (Central Business District) which is located in the Central Area in Singapore. Marina Bay offers one of the most incredible city views in the world. And I’m not exaggerating at all; you have to see it yourself!

Marina Bay

Sentosa Island
This is a fun place to go to – especially for kids and families! It is the home of Singapore Universal Studios and SEA Aquarium among other great places. This man-made island also provides many great restaurant, resorts and amazing beaches for relaxing and just enjoying the day if you want to escape the hassle of the city. It’s also worth the visit even if you are alone or with someone else. The way to get here is from Vivo City, just buy a ticket from the counter before hopping to a cable car. The ride takes about 12 minutes and you can enjoy the view meanwhile.

A beach in Sentosa Island

Are you in need of some retail therapy? One of my favourite things amongst everything was shopping! There are just so many great shops to find everything you need from clothes to cosmetics and electronics as well. One of these worth going for are VivoCity shopping mall and Bugis Junction. There are also many outdoor markets to go to like Bugis Junction which is partly open-air shopping street. The best part is that you can find malls with expensive brands to less costly shops both with fashionable findings.

Do you recommend anything else? I would love to hear your experiences too!

3 amazing holiday destinations you should visit this year:


Wouldn’t you just love going to a new place or country and instantly have that feeling that this holiday is going to be amazing? That’s what happened to me when going to Sardinia. If you are a food enthusiastic or a beach lover this is your go-to island. Also it is the place to be if you just love being surrounded by the pristine nature. You’ll get the best relaxed holiday by the crystal clear sea enjoying the slow lifestyle. Or if you want a bit more adventure, you can rent a car and see all the places the island has to offer.
If you like Italy you are going love Sardinia!

We’ve been huge fans of Italy with my boyfriend and last year we decided to have a trip to Sardinia. I’ve wanted to go there for years and it did not disappoint me at all. I think it’s a quite version of some of the coastal cities in Italy yet a little bit forgotten one. You don’t meet that many tourists there – especially if you go on the slow season like we did in September. There are mainly Italians coming to spend their weekends on this island paradise. The weather is still perfectly warm and you’ll get a glimpse of that relaxed and happy lifestyle. Don’t forget to taste the different foods Sardinia has to offer, for example the fish dishes and pastas! The food is slightly different than in the mainland Italy.

Do try the amazing pizza slices!

Top tips:
1) Flights:
Catch a flight from Rome almost every hour. It’s fast and relatively cheap. Olbia and Cagliari airports are the main ones that have most flights to.

3) Where to stay:
We stayed in Siniscola which is an area in Costa Smeralda; the Emerald Coast. It’s about 40 minutes drive away from the airport and it was just lovely. I think anywhere you stay in Costa Smeralda is going to be beautiful. I only would recommend going a bit further away from Olbia just because you get prettier scenery than just the town. Also it depends on where you want to fly to. If you fly to the capital which is Cagliari you might want to choose a place that is closer. For example, we only got to see the north half of the island but didn’t have time to go as far south as Cagliari. Unless of course if your holiday is more than one week you’ll have plenty of time to do quite a lot of sightseeing.

2) Food:
Fish is a must! You’ll find variety of dishes that tastes absolutely amazing and fresh.
Pastas – try especially the gnocchetti sardi. It is typical Sardinian pasta made with tomato and sausages.
Restaurant Agriturismo Cabu Abbas – enjoy 11 course meal on top of a hill with a gorgeous view. Come very hungry, this dinner will keep you full until the next day!

3) Getting around:
I would recommend renting a car unless you just want to enjoy your holiday by the beach. Many hotels have a parking place for the car which makes it easy. I think a car is amust if you wish to see the island a little more.
The island has very nice roads and basically just has a couple of main roads. Be aware though that some the smaller roads aren’t in the best condition. It’s very easy to drive around. We used our phone’s GPS and it worked perfectly! Only thing that we didn’t first realize was that it takes longer than the estimated time provided by the GPS especially if you want to stop along the way and enjoy the views.

4) Beaches:
This is probably the main thing for me. I’m just a huge lover of beaches so for that Sardinia is the best option. You’ll have plenty of to choose from and anywhere you go, is guaranteed to be gorgeous! Costa Smeralda has one of the most pristine beaches.

Spiaggia La Caletta – a beautiful beach worth visiting

Do you have any other pro tips? Leave a comment! 🙂

7 tips for getting over jet lag

You have probably suffered from jet lag at some point, right? Some of us have maybe more than others.

Jet lag is a state where your body’s own circadian rhythm basically doesn’t meet the new time difference. Especially when you are travelling through multiple time zones. Yet some people might not even experience or notice the symptoms. Do you feel like you’re not one of these lucky ones? If so, then keep on reading!

Here are some tricks for you to use to prevent or mitigate jet lag. These are some of what I’ve noticed to be helpful for me. Also since I fly a lot for a living, I’ve had my share on them and I hope these tips will help you too.

1) Stay hydrated! This is probably the most important thing I cannot stress enough. Your body is consuming a lot of water during the flight so drinking it during the flight but also after is very important. This helps the body to recover.

2) Avoid caffeine. Caffeine dehydrates your body which basically reverses the effects we want. You want to stay hydrated and caffeine is not helping this. Also, it keeps you up and it’s easier to adapt to the new time difference without it.

3) Manage the rhythm. If you arrive early in the morning to your destination try to stay up until the evening. It’s easier to stay up and then get a good night’s sleep during the local night. If this seems impossible to you, have a small power nap before you head out. Sleeping too long though messes with the coming night and you’ll be sure to be up in wrong time. If you are lucky and your flight arrives in the evening you can go straight to bed and wake up refreshed!

4) Exercising: If you are fit, it might be easier for you to recover from jetlag. Exercising also mildly helps when in the destination. It helps your body get more oxygen which is good! But let’s remember that I’m talking about mild exercise like walking, stretching or yoga- you don’t want your heart to be overstressed!

5) Adapting. If you’re thinking to have a longer holiday, not a day or two, you can also try to adapt to the new time zone before the trip. Go to bed closer to the destination time and wake up earlier.

6) Power naps. If you are feeling super tired, you can have short power naps during the day on the flight. If you want to get into the new time zone faster, I would avoid long sleep periods.

7) Cut down on alcohol. Consuming alcohol doesn’t help the symptoms of jetlag. Vice versa, it dehydrates the body and you might even feel worse later on.

Do you have any other helpful tips to share? 🙂 Comment on below!

Above the Clouds

     How would I describe my usual work day? Well, for the starters, I don’t really have an usual day I would say. Every day is completely different with colleagues changing too. I am working as a full time flight attendant and I fly both European short-haul flights as well as long-haul flights around the world.

Beautiful sunset at Helsinki airport

     But basically though, we start our days the same way; meeting with the crew, having a briefing and making our way to the plane ready to start our day and to welcome the passengers. It’s exciting to work with new people every day, though at first I found it a bit intimidating to be honest. But it’s something that I got used to pretty quickly.

Above the Clouds ☁️

     I have to say I enjoy flying more on the long-haul flights because they are easier for me to manage my sleep. Also of course, you get the chance to visit the place we are flying to and explore a little bit. We usually have one day layover at the destination but sometimes it can be more too, depending on the flight schedules.
Our months also include standby when we have to stay by the phone and wait for a call if they need us on some flights. So this is a job that requires a lot of patience, teamwork skills and flexibility! Or if you don’t have them before this job, you’ll be sure to adapt them over time!

Let’s start the Journey with me!

I think we all have our own dreams and the purpose of why we are here for. It’s important to follow your own thing – not anyone else’s.

Starting a blog has been my goal or – or a desire essentially for the past three years now. I haven’t really put myself out there until now. Maybe it was the New Year changing and bringing new things to my life. Or maybe it was just me getting myself finally together and stop all the excuses what was stopping me. So I’m pretty thrilled finally to get started with everything!!

I’ve had a passion for exploring the world since I was a child. You know the time when you start to think of the world a little bit more and also finding yourself in it. So that’s when I decided I want to see the world.

Gorgeous view of Bangkok

I’ve been travelling with my parents since I was a child. When I turned 19 I made a decision to go and see the world on my own and having the experience of solo travel. I think that has been one of the greatest adventures of my life and has given and taught me so much more.

After that I’ve travelled with some of my friends and since I met my boyfriend we’ve started to explore places together. That has been a new and a different adventure for both of us.

This is me, three years ago from now. Excited to start the adventure of a lifetime. 💕

And here I am now. In my dream job, living my life to the fullest. It is something that anyone should do also. So I hope you enjoy the journey I am going to take you and have some inpiration!

The essentials of a flight attendant – and yes, I do need at least two passports!